Belarusian banks ready to heavily subsidize home construction

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The Central Asian countries, a source of raw materials with little manufacturing capacity and heavily subsidized. Last year they sent home $2.3 billion, about 45 percent of that country’s GDP,

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At present, the most liquid and developed market in the Republic of Belarus is the government bonds’ market. The corporate bonds, which are offered, are mostly bank bonds, as well as a small variety of industrial bonds. Access to the international capital market would give the whole economy sector a big push.

The discrepancy between the positions of the National Bank with the opinion of Standard & Poor’s is due in part to the fact that the parties have different opinions on macroeconomic prospects of Belarus. The authorities so far have to pay with relatively high interest rates for money market destabilization.

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The national currency is the Belarusian Rouble. The function of management, planning and forecasting in the financial sphere is performed by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Banking system of Belarus. The banking system of the Republic has two levels.

Subsidies to SHS have strong “free rider” effects that increase rapidly with increase in subsidies Subsidies to SHS have a role to kick-start the national market and thereby allow a nation-wide marketing and after-sales service infrastructure to be created

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